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1.   Maintenance of Undeveloped Lots.

         December 5, 2005

         Owners of undeveloped lots are required to maintain 15 feet off the road.

    2.   Signs.

           February 4, 2008 

           Political signage is permitted during the election process providing that no         more than one sign per candidate or ballot issue is displayed on the unit           owners property and there signs must be removed the day following the             election.  Other yard signs require application to the Architectural Review           Committee (“ARC”).

      3.   Fines.

             February 2, 2009

             A $25 per day fine will be assessed for any unit owner not meeting the 18         month completion deadline for a house and the 6 month completion                   deadline for an improvement.  Provided that a unit owner may request a           time extension, in writing, not less than 15 days in advance of the original         deadline. The ARC will approve, or not, the extension request under                 Covenant 10.1(x).

        4.   ARC Issues.

              May 3, 2010

              Satellite Dishes.  The Board strongly suggests that any satellite dish array        be located away from the street side of the home.

          5.   Communication Issues.

                 January 6, 2014

                 1) E-mails should only be accessed by members of the Executive Board, or           a representative of the Executive Board with full consent of all officers               and directors; or, in the case of an emergency, at the discretion and                   direction of the Board President.

                 2) That outgoing e-mails be limited to official business of the FUOA                       Executive Board, including Board meeting minutes; the Annual Report               and Financial Statements; quarterly FUOA Newsletters; issues/event                 related to the safety and security of resident; and any information                       deemed worthy and relevant to all residents, as determined by the                     Executive Board.

                 3) E-mails should, under no circumstances, be used as a means to                       advertise or promote a product, service, charitable or political cause.

            6.   Covenants.

                   November 7, 2011

                   The following Covenants are waived until further Board decision to the               contrary.

                   Section 10.1(u)(ii).  Restrictions respecting For Sale signs and, 


                   Section 10.1(i).  Restriction on hunting but solely with respect to any deer         hunt specifically authorized by the Board.

                   May 6, 2013

                   The term “Firearms” as set forth in Section 10.1(i) is interpreted to include         pneumatic and CO2  powered rifles and pistols, blowguns,                                 slingshots, BB guns, bow and arrow and other devices that can kill,                   wound or daze.

              7.   Grass Mowing.

                     June 1, 2016

                     Commercial Lawn Mowers are urged NOT to mow after 5:00 pm on Friday         and Saturday nights and NOT at all on Sundays. All residents are

                     requested to adhere to these hours.

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